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Federica Massimi is an Italian artist based in Rome.

With a background in Interior Design, she started working with ceramic in 2019 and is continuing her exploration into functional and decorative ceramics.


“I have always felt the need to explore crafts and materials and ceramic totally captivated me.

With it I found the perfect mix between sculpture, painting and interior decoration.

Exploring forms, shapes and techniques, I aim to produce aesthetic and functional pieces, imagining to create edible ceramics".

All my products are handmade by me and I often use to start with a sketch inspired by what I find around me or what I feel inside of me.

I find the hand drawing a fundamental tool of reflection towards the project, necessary to focus the attention each time on the composition, the shape and the color.

 I'm fascinated by contrast of colors and an imperfect and vibrant type of illustration. So my works appear soft and dreamy; Reality and imagination mix to create well-defined shapes supported by a palette full of bright colors.


"I want to create pieces that convey positive feelings and do not claim to be perfect but on the contrary amusingly imperfect.”


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